Although the malt is the backbone, the hops are the body of the beer & the yeast is the soul.

Here at Frome Brewing Company we believe in hops from around the globe, be they from England, Central Europe. New Zealand or America. Our yeast is our own carefully selected house strain which we believe brings out the best flavours of the malt & the hops.

Somerset has a good, consistent, hard water supply which is the best for brewing.

As well as a full, guided tour of the brewhouse, you’ll be treated to a guided sampling session. We do cask conditioned beers but we have recently started to can our beers, so you will be able to take some home for later enjoyment.

Our lovely team are happy to provide brewery tours for parties of 10 or more for which there’s a charge of £5/head

For inquiries please email or call our lovely people on 01373 467766.