We're a small brewery and we really want you to love our beer. We often contact our customers to find out what you like and where there's room for improvement - here's what you're saying:
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Delicious beer

Had the voodoo elder fizz. Delicious & refreshing with lovely sour taste.
Fantastic service as always.

Fantastic beer at great value

My father and I were both born in frome but moved away when I was very young. I saw this company and ordered the gift set for my dads birthday mostly for the glass. Great beer and he’s really happy with the glass and t-shirt. Keep up the good work guys

The tastiest beer I have had in a long time!

What a find! Loved the selection of beers; was great to get to try what the Brewery has to offer. They are all so good, but I have to say Bootleg is definitely my favourite. Will be getting more for sure.... local and great tasting.... what is not to love!

Nice pale ale

Top quality ale. Went down a treat

Great Gift!

I bought this as a gift for my brother in law. The keg arrived very quickly and (I believe!) it was very much enjoyed. Thanks

Sharon Scott

A lovely small keg of beer that was of the highest standard. Would highly recommend

Something kind of spooky...

They've only gone and done it again! I'm not a huge fan of elderflower so I bought this for my partner only to have to shamefully admit I finished an entire can (or two... or three) once I got a taste of the pineappley goodness in this one. Not as fizzy as your standard beer so very easy to sip down plus it's made with a yeast from a graveyard. Luckily the only scary thing about it is how quickly I drank it all!

Fantastically-Floral, Softly-Sour

The Elder fizz is a very unique beer, even in the realm of sours. It has a floral sweet and fruity foretaste with a mellow sour finish. It's a light and smooth beer and gives a nice mouthfeel. It would make a nice steping stone from a citrus IPA towards the really tart sour beers for those that havent had one before. Great service from Frome Brewing and brilliant Beer.

Personal Favourite

Tried this one with a cheese board as suggested. Perfection.

Special beer

I can’t quite put my finger on what makes this beer so good. I got a few pints takeaway from my local. They never got it back in so I bought it direct from Frome in cans. Still tasted great.

Excellent customer service

Having had a slight problem with a Frome funky monkey keg I was delighted with their efficiency of responding by email on xmas day and I am well satisfied with the replacement I received as well

First class customer service and a fab beer too

Great box

A really lovely present. My son was tickled, loved the glass as well as tasting!

Great beer selection

Bought this as a gift for my brother and he loved it! The glass was absolutely stunning and the beers have all been brilliantly refreshing and unique! The cans are just fantastic as well and I have saved them all to turn in to planters for my jade plant cuttings! Definitely recommend these beers and this brewery

Super zig zag

What can I say this is very top beer rich stout very morrish 10/10 I will buy again if u like stout this for u.

Galaxy, Australian Pale Ale - Mini Keg (9 Pints)
Great Ale

The mini-cask of Galaxy Pale Ale arrived very promptly, impressive when considering that this was shortly before Christmas. I loved the ale, fresh and full of flavour, with just the right amount of hop edge.

I must explore Frome's other beers!

Good Value

Bought as a gift and when contacting company they were very helpful. I was a bit disappointed that the recipient didn't receive the note which I filled in when ordering as it was a gift and I was informed that they would be all different beers but there was 2 of the same on all, but he was very pleased with the beer and arrived in a gift box. Overall very pleased. Thank you.

Lip-smackingly good beer!

Loved all 4 beers in my fabulous gift box (lovely glass and tee too!) Rise of the Independents was my favourite, so juicy and smooth. Designs and descriptions are brilliant too. Well done guys :)

Great beer and fantastic service

Next-day delivery and a lovely range of different craft beers. I also applaud the service: I had a couple of bad cans and the Frome team went above and beyond to make sure the situation was (generously) corrected. Highlights are the Galaxy, Cali-IPA, Gulp and the brown ale (whose name I forget) - hope it comes back into the range soon!

Galaxy, Australian Pale Ale - Mini Keg (9 Pints)
Refreshing pale ale

Lovely pale ale, brought some sunshine to the winter

Great beer, great service

One of my favourite beers delivered to my door! Fantastic! Ordering online was very straightforward and the delivery very prompt indeed. I’m very impressed with the product and the service provided.

Awesome Ale ❤️

Super-fast delivery of beautiful ale, that never disappoints. The Funky Monkey is the most quaffable beer, EVER! 👍👍👍

Gulp - whats a keg worth

First time buying a keg online but liked the sound of this Gulp and thought it might last my son and I for Christmas - delighted to say otherwise, it barely lasted two days, i let it settle for 24hrs in the fridge then followed the easy instructions to open, the first pints were lovely confirming my good choice of brew.
An afternoon on this proved easy and before we knew it the can was nearly gone.
This has proved to be a fantastic way of getting a decent pint at home, a few different ones on the go for a party or get together (when possible!) would be a winner.

Funky monkey festivities

Perfect ale for our christmas celebrations. Particularly when the pub is closed. Thanks FBC

First try of Frome Brewing Company - mixed case of 330ml cans

First time trying Frome Brewing Company products
Order delivered as promised (same day). So far all that we have tried have gone down very well, especially the Prodigal Sun, Gulp IPA, and Funky Monkey. Recommended

Quality crafted beer

I enjoyed all of these with the exception of the "Morello Bordello Porter" - which just wasn't for me. Still recommended. I'll be ordering some of my favourites again.

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